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Teatime Service

Our Teatime Service is currently suspended due to Coronavirus, however, the church is not the building but rather the people!  We would like to continue to support families in exploring their faith, by finding ways to worship, pray, and of course encourage one another at home. 

To help with this we have created a Teatime WhatsApp group, and I will try to send emails out with ideas of ways to worship at home (hopefully weekly). Over the coming weeks I'm sure other ideas will also emerge, hopefully enabling more virtual interaction, and this page will be updated accordingly.  If you would like to join our WhatsApp group, or receive regular emails, please complete the form below.

This week we will be trying an online Teatime Service using Zoom! Join us from 4pm on Sunday 29th March by clicking below:

Tea Time


Meeting i/d: 854-0691-3614



Upcoming Teatime Services

No events have been found.