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DRAFT Church Development Plan 2022-23


We are currently in the process of drawing up our Church Development Plan for 2022-23 and would love your input and feedback!
There will be three feedback sessions when you can let us have all your feedback and suggestions: 
  • Tuesday 02 November 7pm -9pm in the choir vestry - there will be cheese and wine!
  • Thursday 04 November 10am to 12noon in the choir vestry - there will be coffee and biscuits.
  • Sunday 07 November 11.30-12.30 immediately following the 10am service.
A brief overview can be found below and the more detailed document can be downloaded here.





Increase our capacity for mission and evangelism

  1. Recruit a part time (paid) Office Manager to free clergy and other key people for mission and pastoral work
  2. Re-organise the tasks and workload of existing office volunteers
  3. Recruit a new Church Warden to take over from Derrick in May 2022
  1. Money from church funds or fundraising
  2. n/a
  3. a willing volunteer


Meaningful engagement with seekers of all ages, families and children

  1. Run an informal intergenerational service (Family @ Four) twice-monthly, with opportunities for adults and children to engage in meaningful faith conversations; to include seasonal themes.
  2. Hold a monthly informal fellowship meeting offsite at a pub, aimed at new members, baptism families, and wedding couples
  3. Develop a more welcoming culture especially towards fringe and minority groups by joining the Inclusive Church network, sermon series, welcomers at all services and social times, welcome cards, contact/welcome lunches, and exploring ways to engage deanery-wide in the LLF resources and other resources such as radical welcome
  4. Extend engagement with the wider community by restarting Friday Night Youth Club and Pixies playgroup on Friday mornings (to incorporate Bagshot Babies group).
  5. Explore a joint deanery faith exploration/confirmation/Lent/LLF course
  6. Run a quiet/retreat day
  7. Explore opportunities to increase engagement through music e. g. if there is an appetite to have a deanery Choral evensong or community choir.

*Due to lack of capacity we will discontinue Sunday School during the 10am service. We will provide materials for children to use in the church and centre.

  1. Extra volunteers from the younger families
  2. Leader/co-ordinator
  3. Volunteers
  4. Church & wider community volunteers
  5. Deanery volunteers
  6. Co-ordinator
  7. funds to pay Alex


Deepen journey as an ECO church with the aim to transform our wider community and become carbon neutral by 2030

  1. Engage meaningfully with the Arocha Eco church programme with the aim to achieve bronze status in 2022 and silver in 2023/24. As part of this we will:
  • recruit more people to be part of the Eco church action group
  • have a display in church to raise the profile of Eco Church journey
  • use wildflower/herb/bee friendly plants in tubs and signpost appropriately
  • get a beehive and engage the congregation/community in beekeeping
  • annual talk on Eco principles (invite other Deanery churches?)
  • monthly Eco-themed 10am service with ‘challenge of the month’
  • incorporate Eco themes in sermons
  • promote Fair trade gifts
  1. Engage with other local organisations (uniformed organisations, Miriam Grace Club, Sticky Fingers, schools) around our Eco church garden and activities
  2. Form a PCC subcommittee which will be tasked with exploring alternative energy sources as well as heating options for our buildings
  3. Establish a connection with an overseas mission partner
  1. Keen partners from the wider village community
  2. volunteers and ideas
  3. expertise
  4. liaison person