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Bagshot Advent Windows Trail

Welcome to our Advent Windows Trail!

As new windows are revealed around Bagshot, they will be added to the map on this page so that you know where to go to spot them. You can simply wander about and enjoy finding them, or you might like to  look out for things to spot and to do along your way:

  • Try and guess which Christmas carol each window represents and sing the first line if you can!
  • Every time you see a window with a star in it, do a star jump 
  • When you see  the three wise men/three kings, say a little prayer for someone who helps you. It can be as simple as "Thank you God for xxxx who helps me."
  • When you see a shepherd or sheep, baa like a sheep
  • When you see an angel, say a little prayer for anyone or anything you're worried about. If you're not sure what to say try "Dear God, I am worried about xxxx - please help them".
  • When you see baby Jesus, think of a way you could show love to someone. It could be a hug, a thank-you, helping with a chore at home, phoning someone, or giving a gift ... and don't forget to do it when you can.

For extra fun, why not walk the trail dressed up as a nativity character!

When walking the trail, do remember to take sensible precautions - don't get so distracted by a beautiful window that you forget to look where you're going! - and perhaps take a torch with you. You might like to walk the trail with someone else, but please do remember to stick to the current government restrictions around mingling and social distancing.

We hope you have fun and have your evening brightened by the trail.


Not on the map? Do remember to let us know  about your window by completing the form here.