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Bagshot Advent Windows

To brighten up these dark wintery evenings, why not join in with Bagshot Advent Windows?

The idea is to decorate an easily-visible window (one where you don’t mind leaving a light on!), with an image inspired by or representing a Christmas carol. There are lots of ideas here to get you started - or see the links at the bottom of this page - and you can be as creative as you like!

The idea is for the light to shine through your design, creating a beautiful image for all to see from outside. You could cut out your design from thick paper to make a monochrome image, or include tissue paper panels to add colour, or you could draw a colourful design onto tracing paper or baking parchment.

Have your window ready to be revealed anytime in Advent, and be willing to leave it up until the traditional end of Christmas known as “Twelfth night” (5th January). Just use the form below to let us know when your window will be ready, where you are and what carol you’re representing so we can add you to our trail!

If you can’t decorate a window yourself, you can still have fun following the trail – click here for details of where the windows are, and suggestions for things to do as you complete the trail! Do keep checking back as we expect more windows to be added throughout Advent.

If you have any questions, do get in touch with Rev Ellen at curate@saintannebagshot.org.uk