© Photo by K Boone

Advent Posada Journey

This Advent our Posada (knitted nativity figures) will once again be making a journey around the parish. Starting in church on Advent Sunday (1st Dec) they'll travel from home to home, and return to church for our crib services on Christmas Eve.

Each day a new household receives the figures and 'hosts' them overnight, before taking them to their next 'host' the following day, ideally with time to share the short Posada Prayer and perhaps a cuppa together.  Often the figures are taken directly to their new home, but they've also been passed on at the school gate, at church, or maybe they might pop into a cafe this year? 

If you would like to participate, please contact Revd Ellen (curate@saintannebagshot.org.uk) using the form below - the remaining dates available to receive the posada will also be updated below, do bear in mind you will need to be free to receive on the day you sign up for, but also available to pass them on the following day! 

Dates currently available to receive the Posada are highlighted in green:



Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
1/12 2/12 3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12
8/12 9/12 10/12 11/12 12/12 13/12 14/12
15/12 16/12 17/12 18/12 19/12 20/12 21/12
22/12 23/12