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Night Prayer (Compline) (Live Stream)


Night Prayer (Compline) (Live Stream)

Thursday, 13 August 2020 19:30 - 20:00
Night Prayer (Compline) (Live Stream)

Following on from from our Prayers for Carers sessions on Thursday evenings we are now gathering for 30min of quiet and reflective Night Prayer (Compline).

We will pray from 7.30-8pm on Thursday evenings and the service will be based on the Church of England's Night Prayer. We will also leave some space to listen to some music and to reflect on the day (examination of conscience).

Join us on Zoom for some powerpoint slides which will give suggestions to guide you through 30 minutes of prayer.

It might be helpful to have a pen and paper to hand, and you might also like to have a Bible nearby and to light a candle to help you focus. 

Click here for the zoom link, alternatively join meeting: 864 7182 6454 with the usual password.