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Help for Ukraine

Help for Ukraine

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Published by Andreas Sistig on Wednesday, 16 March 2022 12:36

We have been in touch with some local people who are organising regular convoys from Bracknell to Ukraine. They are open to receive the following items: 

- Food with long expiry date like pasta, canned food etc.
- Medical items such as First Aid kits, painkillers, baby paracetamol etc.
- New children's underwear

- Baby nappies, formula, wipes, baby food etc.

Any of these can be dropped off in the parish office during the week.


Scroll down for some photos of the loading in Bracknell and the unloading by the Polish Fire Brigade on the Polish / Ukrainian border.

With regards to making a financial contribution we suggest any of the well-known humanitarian aid agencies (e.g. Oxfam, World Vison or the DEC).

The Diocese has also recommended the Ukraine Emergency Appeal which is a joint venture between the Diocese in Europe and USPG (see below).

St Anne's also has a refugee fund from which we support local refugee families in a variety of ways.

Furthermore the Diocese has sent the following information out this week: 

As we unite in anguish for the plight of the people of Ukraine – in this diocese, in our nation and across most of the world – we want to thank you for all you’re doing to lead our churches and communities in lament, prayer, and generous giving. And we want to propose three particular avenues for engagement and support across our diocese as the crisis unfolds.   So many people are asking, ‘what can we do?’ At this stage – and mindful that there is a long road ahead – we would highlight three dimensions for response:  

  1. Spiritually: let’s continue to pray for peace. For no less than a change of heart from Putin; and for God’s mercy amid the turmoil, especially for all those in dire straits. This is a time where those not normally involved in church may long for opportunities and resources to help them to pray if we’re able to offer vigils for the wider community.
  2. Advocacy and action: we encourage you to pledge support for the Humanitarian Sponsorship scheme which the Home Office are still developing (likely to be announced early next week). One way to do this, to capture current concern and even help shape that scheme, is through the Sanctuary Foundation where you can register as individuals and communities (and businesses) to support Ukrainian refugees in your community. Over 40 churches in the diocese of Chichester have already signed up. (Note that this is not a scheme to house refugees - that will be the government's responsibility - but willingness to be the Community Sponsor for a refugee family; e.g. to meet them at the airport, befriend them, and help them access services and support as they settle in or near your parish.)
  3. Financially: we can keep giving financial aid through the charities and funds which are working on the ground. We encourage in particular a church-to-church channel, so that we empower our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and bordering countries – such as through the  .

  More resources are available on our website here.    

Bishop Andrew and Bishop Jo

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