Public Worship Suspended

Public Worship Suspended

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Published by Andreas Sistig on Saturday, 21 March 2020 16:13
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Please be aware that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic all public worship has been suspended for the forseeable future.

We have been asked by our bishops to remind everybody in our churches of the following.

'While Church buildings remain open for individual private prayer - they are not for group gatherings, corporate worship or corporate prayer of any kind. We may not be able to pray with people in the ways that we are used to, but we can certainly pray FOR people.'

So, we ask you kindly not to come to the church for any of the services we are live-streaming. We will run those with as few people as possible.

However, you are most welcome, as individuals, and in the context of private prayer to make use of the church. For this reason we will leave the church door open every day during daylight hours.