Vicar's Letter

Adapted from the "Vicar's letter" published in an earlier edition of our Parish Magazine.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Do you think people learn from experience? I think the answer is probably – sometimes!

Well, here is a story about it:
In the days of King Solomon there lived in Jerusalem a rich miser by the name of Simeon. Simeon treated his servants very badly. He worked them hard but didn't give them enough food, so that they and their children were constantly hungry.

It happened that once there came a great famine in the land. All the wealthy citizens opened their granaries and gave food to the poor. But not Simeon. He put on additional locks on the doors of his granaries.

The stories of Simeon's meanness reached the ears of King Solomon. Solomon devised a stratagem. He sent a messenger to invite him to dine at the royal palace on the following evening. Simeon felt highly honoured. In order to enjoy the king's meal to the full, he fasted all day and arrived at the palace ravenously hungry.

A servant showed him into a waiting room and said, 'The king will eat with you alone tonight. Now there are some rules of conduct which you must observe. Firstly, you must never ask anything either from the king or the servants. Secondly, you must ask no questions and make no complaints. Thirdly, if the king should ask you how you are enjoying the meal, you must say that you are enjoying it enormously. Are you willing to obey these rules?'

'I am,' Simeon answered. 'Well then, wait here and I'll call you when supper time comes.'

As he waited, the most delicious aromas came to him from the kitchen. He was so hungry that the smells almost drove him mad. Finally, supper time arrived. 'Do sit down, my friend,' Solomon said. 'I want you to eat to your heart's content.'

Simeon sat down. A servant placed a baked fish on a golden platter before the king. The king started to eat, and as he ate he said, 'The fish is delicious.' When he finished, the servant placed a plate of fish before Simeon. However, just as he was about to delve into it, the servant took it away again and carried it back to the kitchen. Simeon was about to protest, but remembering his instructions, kept quiet.

The servant then placed a fine broth in a golden bowl before the king, who drank it with relish. When he had finished it, the servant placed a bowl of broth in front of Simeon, but took it away immediately again. The same happened with the main course and the dessert. By this time Simeon was beside himself with anger and hunger. He cast a look of hatred at the servant, while trying to show a smiling face to the king. At the end of the meal the king said to Simeon, 'I do hope you enjoyed your meal.'

'Oh, everything was delicious,' Simeon replied.
'I'm glad to hear that,' said the king.

Faint with hunger, Simeon rose to make his departure. But the king said, 'Don't go, my friend. The night is still young. I want my musicians to entertain you.'

The musicians entered and entertained him with beautiful music for a couple of hours. When they had finished, once again Simeon rose to go. But the king said, 'Don't go, my friend. It's late. Stay the night.'

Simeon had no option but to stay. However, because of the pangs of hunger, he didn't sleep a wink. Lying awake in bed he began to reflect on the possible meaning of the king's conduct. 'Why did he invite me here and then not allow me to eat?' he asked himself.

Suddenly the answer dawned on him. The king wanted to teach him a lesson about hunger. And what a sharp lesson he had taught him. Well, the lesson was learned. Simeon resolved that never again would any of his servants go hungry.

Perhaps this story is a good reminder to us not to forget that still there are people in our communities who go hungry on a daily basis. Let’s do something about that.

Yours in Christ,


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